UT Arlington Dominates to Win 2017 Heroes of the Dorm

Nothing was going to stop UT Arlington on their way to the 2017 Heroes of the Dorm National Championship. The 2016 runner-up went undefeated over 29 games to claim this year's top prize of college tuition for the remainder of the five players' college careers. The climb to the top of the college esports mountain included sweeps over UC Irvine and Louisiana State University in the Heroic Four at Cox Pavilion on the campus of UNLV.

The semifinal series against UC Irvine showed the kind of day it was going to be for UT Arlington opponents. Any team would've been outmatched by UT Arlington's aggressive tactics and clear-headed drafting. UC Irvine was up for the challenge and was surely buoyed by the rowdy support of the sizable Irvine contingent in the crowd.  But none of that could stop the timely heals of Lucio and Rehgar as UT Arlington simply dominated more team fights than the team from UC Irvine. Keeping Zeratul off of the Battlegrounds, one of UC Irvine's favorite and most powerful Heroes, proved to be the difference for UT Arlington in the 2-0 sweep.

In the finals, it seemed UT Arlington wanted to send a message to the world of college esports by toying with LSU and letting their dominant play do the talking. Again it was Kevin 'EKevin' Park on E.T.C. hitting timely Mosh Pits that kept LSU scrambling to find their footing. Yusuf 'Kure' Sunka pointed out that his team had a deep Hero pool and that versatility allowed them to respond to any challenges LSU presented in terms of bans and picks in the draft. In each game, it seemed an initial takedown by UT Arlington would rattle LSU enough to create chaos, which would quickly lead to more dead Heroes. Racking up takedowns in bunches, gave UT Arlington all the breathing room and Battleground freedom they'd need to keep each game in front of them.

With their win, UT Arlington, erased some of the pain that might have been lingering after 2016's bitter loss to Arizona State University in the Heroes of the Dorm grand finals. In maintaining their focus throughout a longer, more treacherous, 2017 Heroes of the Dorm tournament, not to mention going undefeated, UT Arlington has opened up new, more dramatic era in college esports.