Take Your Final Shot

Whether you’ve been casually enjoying the collegiate esports competition, checking your picks in the Bracket Challenge every five minutes, or cheering on your alma mater in each round, Heroes of the Dorm 2017 has been keeping you busy. Now, with the Heroic Four upon us, it’s time to grab hold of the final activity of the event (other than watching!) with the Heroes of the Dorm Pick ‘Em Challenge.

The Pick ‘Em Challenge is simple: pick any one of the four remaining teams and you’ll receive a 1-day Stimpack—giving you double XP and increasing gold’s value by 150%! Each time your chosen team wins a match in the Heroic Four, you’ll receive three 1-day Stimpacks. That means if you pick the eventual winner of the Heroes of the Dorm tournament, you’ll have seven days’ worth of Heroes of the Storm Stimpacks available starting April 14, 2017!

Each of the four semifinalists in the Heroes of the Dorm tournament comes into the final weekend with a compelling story. UT Arlington are last year’s runners-up and their defeat by Arizona State in 2016 was the last time they lost a game in Heroes of the Dorm. Not only has their focus has kept them undefeated in 2017, but they’re doing it with one of the highest average kill rates in the tournament.  Their semifinal opponents, UC Irvine, have made strong use of Ragnaros—and they’re buoyed by the hopes of one of the most vibrant collegiate gaming communities in the country. Fans in SEC territory will have quite a choice to make in the other semifinal, where the Cinderella team from Kentucky matches up against LSU. Neither team has been as dominant as UC Irvine or UT Arlington, but they’ve each shown plenty of courage and tenacity, and, at this point in the tournament, that’s enough to win the whole thing.

A Stimpack is just waiting for you to claim it by making your first choice in the Pick ‘Em Challenge. From there, you’ll need your team to win out if you want to earn up to six more. If you make your selection by April 7, you’ll have a one-in-four chance of hitting it big in the Pick ‘Em Challenge. Over the Heroic Four weekend, those are some of the best odds you’ll see in Las Vegas.