On February 7, teams representing universities across North America took their first step towards achieving, glory, and tuition for the rest of their college careers in the first week of Heroes of the Dorm regional play. Here’s a summary of the week:

  • [Florida State University] (FSU) def. [University of Pittsburgh] (Pitt) 2-0 – Match Results
  • [University of North Texas] (UNT) def. [University of California – San Diego] (UCSD) 2-1 – Match Results
  • [Western University] (WU) def. [York University] (YU) 2-1 – Match Results

To see how your school is performing both nationally and in their respective regions, visit, or check out the regional standings and national leaderboard.

Broadcast Schedule for February 14th:

Heroes of the Dorm - Broadcast Schedule Week 1

Raycom TV Series

Raycom is producing the weekly, one-hour Heroes of the Dorm programs, focusing on schools competing in the tournament’s Atlantic Coast Region. Airing each weekend from February 17th to March 15th, Heroes of the Dorm: Atlantic Coast Region will cover competition as well as spotlight player and team stories.

The series will be broadcast in 76 markets across the U.S., including New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Portland and Las Vegas. For a complete list of affiliates and airtimes, please visit

“We are very excited for Heroes of the Dorm: Atlantic Coast Region to begin airing this weekend,” said George Johnson, SVP of Programming and Distribution for Raycom. “Tespa has built the best collegiate esports environment, so we couldn’t ask for a better partner in launching this new series. And the demand from local markets has exceeded our expectations. We are jumping headfirst into this emerging space to bring engaging stories to its community of fans.” 

“We’re delighted to have Raycom Sports bringing their experience in college sports to this year’s Heroes of the Dorm tournament” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase college esports competitors from across the country as they battle for scholarships and a moment in the spotlight.”