Introducing the Casters for Heroes of the Dorm

HGC casters headline the talent lineup calling the action from the group stages to the National Championship.

More than 200 collegiate Heroes of the Storm teams are ready and the initial group stage of the Heroes of the Dorm tournament is set to begin streaming on Facebook Live on February 15. The ultimate college esports tournament wouldn’t be complete without a crew of talented announcers, and we’re pleased to present this year’s casting lineup for Heroes of the Dorm.

Casting Group Stages through Regional Finals (February 15 through March 23)

Paul 'InVerum' Todkill started in esports back in 2007, competing in console shooters. He transitioned to Heroes in 2015, where he competed in the first two Heroes of the Dorm events. He started casting in October 2015 and worked his way into every aspect of the amateur scene. InVerum eventually co-founded Heroes United, and works behind the scenes to develop amateur Heroes of the Storm events.

Bron ‘TheSource’ Mitchell is from Amherst, Massachusetts. He’s been working in esports since 2011 and has experienced almost every aspect of the industry. He went from commentator to journalist to coach in the MOBA scene, and has made his way back to his roots with Heroes of the Storm. He brings knowledge of more than just the plays and strategies—he focuses on players’ mindsets, team communication, and how it all relates to other esports scenes.

Albert ‘Halorin’ Hailey III developed a passion for video games as a kid, playing anything and everything he could get his hands on. Born in south New Jersey, this DC-area resident first entered the Nexus in the summer of 2015, taking to Heroes like Diablo, Thrall, and Arthas so he could wreak havoc on the front line. Starting with a casual approach, Albert soon developed an interest in competitive Heroes, and ventured into casting in the Chair League during its inaugural season. Citing Babael and Khaldor as his biggest inspirations, Halorin looks to bring his joy and excitement for Heroes of the Storm to every game he casts.

Kurt ‘Kaeyoh’ Ocher is a long time Heroes competitive player from sunny Sarasota, Florida. During his time as a pro player with Tempo Storm, he played in the North American Regional Championship and at BlizzCon 2015. As a caster, he has been involved in many events ranging from Chair League to the Nexus Games. You can find him streaming on Twitch or coaching players and teams in the HGC.


Casting Round of 16 through the National Championship (March 25 through April 8)

Jaycie ‘Gillyweed’ Gluck has been one of the faces of Heroes esports since the technical alpha. The Kansas native got her start in StarCraft after attending the second Lone Star Clash LAN event at the University of Texas in Austin—a city Gillyweed has called home for most of her adult life. While it was tough to break through in a scene as established as competitive StarCraft, Gillyweed found her true calling in Heroes of the Storm, where she began a podcast called “Eye on the Storm” with her cohost Anna Prosser Robinson. She began her casting career providing commentary for the Heroes Hype Amateur Series in 2015. Since then, she’s cast a multitude of Heroes events, and is thrilled to be coming back to call Heroes of the Dorm.

Wade ‘Dreadnaught’ Penfold is a tried and true Heroes of the Storm analyst. His insightful commentary comes from his experience as a Support player for Tempo Storm—the same Tempo Storm that dominated the North American scene all the way to BlizzCon 2015. Since then, Dreadnaught has retired his jersey and donned his suit and tie as a professional Heroes caster. Dreadnaught has cast multiple Heroes of the Storm events, including European and North American regional events — and, most recently, the Fall Championship at BlizzCon 2016.

Hailing from Mannheim, Germany, Thomas ‘Khaldor’ Kilian brings the hype. Another one of the old guard of Heroes esports, Khaldor has been a rock of the European scene. Originally a Warcraft III and StarCraft II caster, Khaldor has found his home in Heroes of the Storm. He’s spent time casting at GosuGamers’ Enter the Storm, European regional events, and BlizzCon. He’s looking forward to casting Heroes of the Dorm 2017.

Tim ‘TrikSlyr’ Frazier has been around since the birth of Heroes of the Storm. He was formerly a community manager at Blizzard before turning full-time caster for this year’s HGC. TrikSlyr is known for his commentary at Heroes of the Dorm and BlizzCon, as well as hosting the Brawl with the Blues series on Twitch. TrikSlyr has been honing his casting craft over the past couple of years and is keen to bring his unique perspective to Heroes of the Dorm.