Heroic Four Preview

Our Heroic Four have been decided for Heroes of the Dorm 2016! Teams from Tennessee, Texas, Connecticut, and Arizona will be battling it out this weekend to win glory for their schools as well as $75,000 each in tuition. The stage is set in Seattle, Washington, and it’s anyone’s tournament at this point. To date we’ve seen plenty of comfort Hero picks and consistent compositions, but with so many strong players competing, they’ve almost certainly kept a few tricks up their respective sleeves. The brackets are set, the viewers are anxious, and the teams are ready to battle!

Team School Strengths
We Volin University of Tennessee, Knoxville Versatile players, dedicated and intense
Dark Blaze University of Texas, Arlington Diverse Hero pool, unpredictable
Real Dream Team Arizona State University Shortest game lengths, strong teamwork
Tricky Turtles University of Connecticut Lowest average deaths, versatile player roles


Facing off in the first semifinal match are We Volin from Tennessee and Dark Blaze from UT Arlington. Going into the round of 64, We Volin had a perfect match record that they were able to sustain throughout the playoffs. Some weaknesses were exposed during their playoff run however, particularly against Louisiana State University’s team, Bob Ross Fight Club.

Under the leadership of their captain and professional player Roflcopter, We Volin have proven that they have both the drive and skill to succeed. 

Team Results Average Kills Average Deaths Average Game Time
We Volin 12-3 12 5 19:22
Dark Blaze 12-1 12 6 17:43

Ready to fight against We Volin for their place in the Finals are Dark Blaze. Their star-studded roster has consistently managed to keep their matches short and sweet, and currently boasts a near-perfect game record. During the playoffs, Dark Blaze showed a clear skill for drafting creative and unique compositions that threw even the likes of Boston College off their game. Look forward to some quirky-yet-dominant compositions, and perhaps some more Cho’Gall play, from Dark Blaze in the upcoming Finals. If they can use their drafting tactics to disrupt the momentum of We Volin, they should be able to claim the victory.


The Real Dream Team from ASU are back and ready to take Dorm by storm! MichaelUdall and akaface have been joined this year by fellow professional player Shot; add the intimidating strength of their teammates Pham and Snickers to the roster, and it’s no wonder this team has gotten to the semifinals with a perfect record. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that they’re both “very aggressive” and “very technically skilled”, which you already know if you’ve watched them play.

As the favorites to win since the start of the playoffs, Real Dream Team have a lot of hype to live up to, but the playful smack talk between Udall and We Volin’s Yuuj shows that the team is both confident and excited to be playing on ESPN’s stage to represent their school. As long as they can keep their aggression on point and not fall short in the draft, Real Dream Team look poised to progress to the Finals.

Team Results Average Kills Average Deaths Average Game Time
Real Dream Team 12-0 14 5 16:12
Tricky Turtles 14-0 15 4 20:28

Standing between Real Dream Team and the Finals are University of Connecticut’s Tricky Turtles, who also come into the semifinals with impressive stats and a perfect match record. They’ve pulled off some incredible plays en route to the Heroic Four, but they’ll have their work cut out for them in this match-up pitting aggression against aggression. 

A Weekend to Remember

Every team competing in Seattle will not only be looking to win, but also to make their fellow students back on campus proud. Roflcopter of We Volin stated that, while there is currently no esports clubs on the Tennessee campus, “[they] have decided to make an official club that will incorporate all games” following his team’s experience with Heroes of the Dorm. Talking to any of the players, the idea of community-building and focusing on the team aspect of the game has been incredibly important for them and their schools. Udall of Real Dream Team, in particular, gives a lot of credit to ASU’s Athletics Department for their success, stating that “they have been great to us, giving us shirts, a practice room and [more] exciting stuff coming for the future.”

With school pride and well-earned tuition money on the line, Seattle is the place to be for esports this weekend. Starting at 5 p.m PT/8 p.m ET on April 9 and 10 at CenturyLink Field Event Center, this epic event will feature live-event exclusives as well as the long-awaited Azmodunk Bundle. If you’re unable to attend the event, have no fear--ESPN will be broadcasting the Heroic Four live with an amazing lineup of casters and hosts to satisfy even the most critical of collegiate fans, watching and waiting for the new Heroes of the Dorm champions to be crowned!