A Note From Tournament Admins

Team Disqualifications

We have found that players from Team Ambush have violated several tournament rules. An investigation by Tespa and Blizzard Entertainment revealed that a player on Team Ambush was sharing his Battle.net account with a higher-rated player who was not on his team’s roster during official tournament matches. As a result, Team Ambush has been disqualified from Heroes of the Dorm.

We have zero tolerance for cheating in our tournaments. The rules are in place to ensure a fair playing field for all participants—when these rules are abused, they put the integrity of the competition at risk. The students found to be sharing their Battle.net accounts and the players with whom they were sharing will be banned indefinitely from participation in any future Tespa tournaments.

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment will be taking disciplinary actions against the Battle.net accounts involved.

Team Hot Boys from Michigan was disqualified in the Round of 64 for a similar issue, and the players involved will face similar disciplinary action.

Bracket Challenge

Today, our tournament admin team will be working with the teams from UC Berkeley and Indiana-Purdue to play out the Round of 32 match to determine which team will take Team Ambush’s place in the Super Sixteen. Bracket Challenge scores will be updated accordingly. We look forward to a strong showing from both teams leading up to this weekend’s competition.