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A New Hero

The Rise of College Esports

Esports dreams came true at Heroes of the Dorm in the spring of 2016, and, while one weekend in Seattle may have been the scene, the celebration resonated across the country.

Follow the tempestuous journey of emerging esports stars inA New Hero: The Rise of College Esports.

The Film

A New Hero is an intimate look at the architects, observers and, yes, heroes of esports as they unite for Heroes of the Dorm, the premier collegiate esports tournament in the United States. The all-out effort to stage a national tournament for Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm is only exceeded by the passion and perseverance of the competitors who know the future of esports is already in their hands.

The road to the tournament’s decisive Heroic Four at CenturyLink Field Event Center winds from sun-drenched Arizona State University to the venerable University of Tennessee before turning to the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, we learn that, even in defeat, a competitive fire can burn even brighter and that entire families can rally around the spirit of esports. Above all, we see that emerging heroes already have the heart, skill and determination they’ll need to succeed in esports and beyond if they can just take the first step.

The Production

Tespa and Blizzard approached director Zach Lyons with a challenge to tell the human story of one of the biggest esports events in North America, Heroes of the Dorm. Featuring in-depth interviews with celebrities, professional athletes, esports personalities, and friends and family of the competitors, A New Hero delivers a look beyond the score screen and into the lives of collegiate esports competitors.